12 Effective Ways To Cure Poor Brain Power And Memory

12 Effective Ways To Cure Poor Brain Power And Memory

Brain power is an important to excel in life. The intellectual capacity of one’s brain coupled with his ability to use that capacity to the fullest is what we call brain power.

Poor Brain Power And Memory

Brain power is very important to excel in life. The intellectual capacity of her brain coupled with his de ella or her de ella ability to use that capacity to the fullest is what we call brain power.

Memory is a sub-type of brain power or may be considered as an aspect of brain power. Memory is the power of brain to store, retain and retrieve data or information when required.

A person with good memory may not have equally good brain power. But a person with good brain power is likely to have a good memory. The difference between brain power and memory has been clearly elucidated.

Memory can be of 2 types: short term and long term. Short term memory has limited storage capacity. Information stored in short term memory is erased after a few seconds or minutes.

On the other hand, storage capacity of long term memory is immense which implies that it can store unlimited amount of information for unlimited time-period, perhaps the entire life.

The factors contributing to memory loss include stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol addiction, ADHD, Vitamin B12 deficiency, prolonged illness, head injury, infections such as meningitis, herpes, encephalitis, changes in blood supply to the brain, neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease , Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, 

Multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, brain masses, seizures, stoke, drug side-effect, metabolic disorders like thyroid gland disease, diabetes, kidney, lung and liver failure etc. Your memory and brain power tend to weaken with age or due to any of the above factors but there are means or cures to fend off this sort of weakening.

Cures for poor brain power and memory:

1. Try to store new information in your brain by learning new things be it through reading books or newspapers, viewing a quiz show, visiting museum and so on. This will avert the weakening of memory and brain power.

2. Challenge your mind by trying to remember things without any memory aid. For instance, try to do shopping without a long list of commodities to be purchased. In stead, try to recall the commodities all by yourself when you are in the market.

3. Doing the same activities day after day blunts your memory and brain strength. Find new activities to prevent this from happening.

4. An effective means to remember things is to write them in a piece of paper and revise twice daily. You can also divide the matter to be memorized in to chunks or parts and then try to store it in your brain. This will fetch rewarding results for you.

5. Solve crossword puzzles Web Content, riddles in your spare time. These are brain teasers. They will help you to relax and at the same time will improve your memory and power.

6. You can avail acupressure techniques to boost your memory and brain.

7. Eat a protein rich and green leafy diet to enhance memory and brain strength.

8. You can take brain strength supplements to ward off waning of memory and brain strength. Constant Focus is an example of one such supplement.

9. Avoid overloading your mind with stress. Stress management can keep your brain in its peak.

10. Sleeping well is an effective cure for poor brain power and memory.

11. Do physical exercises daily. They promote growth of brain cells and develop the parts of brain responsible for learning and remembering.

12. You can take powerful herbal brain enhancers such as Brain O Brain capsules to improve your memory and concentration levels naturally.
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