7 Minimalist Cooking Tips That Make Healthy Eating Easy

7 Minimalist Cooking Tips That Make Healthy Eating Easy

Do you always find yourself going back and forth between “eating healthy” and “you only live once, eat till you have teeth”? When it comes to kitchen and cooking, staying on top of clutter is a big no-no.

In fact, various new cooking enthusiasts keep feeling demotivated, as there’s apparently so much to cooking that it gets impossible for them to comprehend what to start with.

Like so many others, if you are too drawn by the idea of ​​minimalism, you would be happy to know that minimalism and the idea of ​​“making it happen with less” can be extended to cooking as well.

You don’t actually need 100s of cookbook recipes (the ones that actually make cooking seem tough), or thousands of appliances to kick-start cooking at home. We are reaching out to you with a super jam-packed list of 7 minimalist cooking tips that make healthy eating easy!

1. Prepare Healthy & Easy Breakfast a Night Before:

If weekdays are too hectic for you to cook, prepare a NIGHT earlier. Yes, it’s possible and it is healthy as well. You might contemplate preparing for your breakfast the night before especially when you already had a rough day at work. However, preparing for your breakfast has two major benefits:

• It saves a lot of your time especially when you find yourself in a nick of time to reach the office.

• It Forces you to eat a home-cooked breakfast and not have it ordered from outside.

• Easy breakfast recipes take about 5 minutes of your morning routine time to get prepared.

2. Go Easy With Seasonings:

You know what? You can spot 100+ kinds of different spices and seasonings in a supermarket. Surprise, surprise! You don’t even need these many spices to get going with minimalistic cooking, just make sure that you purchase only high-quality basic spices including salt, pepper, red chili powder, and coriander powder.

In reality, we don’t get to use fancy spices and seasonings, and as a result, they stay untouched on our kitchen shelves. Stick to the basics and you’d be good to go.

3. Keep Cleaning Out Your Kitchen Shelves:

The truth is you don’t even have a zilch of idea what your kitchen shelves are stocked up with. What is to be blamed? We always end up with our impulse purchases every time we go to a supermarket.

Clearing out and disposing of expired products on your kitchen shelves, is always a good idea to keep your kitchen clean. In a rush, we sometimes forget to check the expiry date of different products and end up using them to cook our meal which honestly, is very dangerous for your health.

4. Keep An Electric Kettle Handy:

Electric Kettle is much more useful than just putting water to a boil. For a quick 2-minute noodle recipe, you don’t even need to head over to your kitchen and gather different appliances; using just an electric kettle is more than enough.

In fact, many hostlers are known to use an electric kettle (even those who don’t have a kitchen in their space) to cook different recipes. On top of it, you can always start your day on a healthy note by boiling some water, putting it in a copper vessel, and dipping in a green tea bag in it.

5. Self Interrogation:

Every now and then, when you clean your kitchen, make sure to ask yourself for every unused product you see: “Have I used this item in the last 90 days?” If the answer is no, ask yourself this question as well – “Most likely, will I be able to use this in the time span of the next 90 days?”

There is a very basic rule to minimalistic cooking which is to discard anything that brings no use to your cooking. Don’t contemplate by saying, “Maybe I’ll use this for Xyz recipe”. Deep down, even you know that you are never going to use this product before it gets expired (if it hasn’t already), so do yourself a favor and discard it ASAP.

6. Single Ingredient Food For The Win:

A lot of nutritional benefits are associated with sticking to single-ingredient food items. This diet chart includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whatnot. Let alone cooking, even preparing a dish that has a super long list of ingredients is a tiresome job to do.

All it takes is a little bit of research for you to know which products are safe to cook, and are the ones to provide the best nutrition to your body. Sticking to single plant-based foods and ditching all those that are processed is the best way to keep up with a healthy diet plan.

7. A Quick List of (Only *) what is absolutely needed in Your Pantry:

• Forks, spoons, and knives

• Cups, plates, pot, and a pan

• Spatula

• Microwave safe dish (glass)

• Strainer

• Stirring spoon

• Glass vessels.

Mostly anything apart from this list, in terms of utensils, is just an extra. However, if you are just getting started with cooking and want to set your kitchen up from scratch, make sure to stick with this list.
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