8 Of The Very Best Holiday Destinations In Latin America

8 Of The Very Best Holiday Destinations In Latin America

Latin America

Latin America features impressive beach destinations, intriguing history, plenty of breathtaking scenery, and massive cities. It can be confusing to make a decision on where to go to in Latin America which is why I have created this list of the 10 most popular tourist spots to go to in South America.

South America Holiday Destinations

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This Brazilian city destination is actually the best possible combination of gorgeous scenery and interesting people. Two of the most famous tourist attractions here include the Christ statue and the pristine beaches in Ipanema.

The city also has a lot of Samba clubs for visitors to enjoy and every Saturday the city hosts an amazing marketplace.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

There are definitely not a lot of cities that are as urban as the city of Sao Paulo. The city has got close to 10 million residents, this is the planet’s third-largest city as well as the largest sized found in Latin America. Sao Paulo city includes distinct cultures, impressive cuisine, and an abundance of festivals.

Santafe de Bogota, Colombia

The amazing Colombian city of Bogota can be found deep in the Andes Mountain range. Bogotá is known as a city of many contrasts. Bogota features big structures found alongside wonderful colonial churches.

South America Multi-Center Holidays

Quito, Ecuador

Quito is spectacular in a variety of different ways. This city can be found a couple of miles from the Equator, a large number of people would therefore expect to have really hot weather conditions but the high altitude of Quito keeps it pleasant.

There aren’t any extremes when it comes to temperature. Quito is in fact encircled by remarkable natural beauty, for instance, mountains, amazing volcanoes, and even forested hillsides.

Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is among the oldest metropolitan areas found in Latin America and there are lots of old buildings which include a wide range of churches and even museums for holidaymakers to go to. 

The beaches found here are breathtaking and are never too far away. As soon as you get bored with the shorelines you can get on board a ferry to the spectacular tropical islands of Itaparica and Todos os Santos Island because the beaches here are far more secluded.

Lima Peru

This Peruvian city is referred to as the city of kings and is based along the central Peruvian coast. This city is populated with people from around the globe.

It is actually a desert city, and a large number of people would expect Lima to be dry and sunny. It will have plenty of sunshine during summer, though through the remainder of the year, you will have very cloudy skies.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Many people across the globe are drawn to Buenos Aires city for its cheap prices and unbelievable splendor. The roads are lined with very creative art studios, clubs, magnificent hotels, and dining places.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago city is normally busy and polluted, then again the fabulous Andes is visible nearby. People who travel to the other places of Santiago city will come across wonderful areas just as engaging as its much loved Argentinian city, Buenos Aires.

The other great city regions are actually famous for their small cobblestone avenuesBusiness Management Articles, gorgeous hotels, and green parks.
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