8 Signs Of Good Health, Symptoms Of Good Health

8 Signs Of Good Health

8 Signs Of Good Health

Symptoms Of Good Health

We live in a world obsessed with appearance, whether it is the six-pack abs or size zero of an Instagram influencer. These things act as signs of good health. However, they are as far away from it as possible. Good health doesn’t just consist of a good body shape with smooth skin and no pimples.

You can use a chemically processed product for these things. But good health goes beyond it and consists of mental and physical satisfaction.

Here Are Eight Signs Of Good Health:

1. Eat According To Your Hunger:

Eating food is a very basic habit, and we don’t pay much attention to it.

However, there are many mental and physical conditions where people tend to eat less or eat more than they can digest. Or skip meals because they aren’t feeling ok mentally or physically.

For example, in depression or headaches, people eat less than their hunger. So, if you are eating according to your hunger, it is a sign of being healthy.

2. Regular Body Clock:

Our body has a time clock of its own. Our body sleeps, eats, wakes up at a particular time, etc. So, if your body feels sleepy around 11 PM every day, your body clock is fine.

However, you feel sleepy some days at 10 PM, other days at 1 PM. These fluctuations aren’t good for your body, and there is something wrong.

This body clock doesn’t only apply to sleep, but hunger, pooping time, etc. are also part of it.

3. Walking Stairs Without Any Problem:

Walking up a flight of stairs takes a lot out of your body. It needs stamina, leg strength, upper body stability, and much more.

Hence if you could walk a couple of floors via stairs and still doesn’t be out of breath or tired. Your body is in great shape regardless of you having six-pack abs or not.

4. Falling Asleep Quickly:

It is natural to sleep quickly after a hard and long day of work. You would hit the bed and doze off immediately.

However, if it is the case every night, even though you haven’t worked as much as you do in a day, then It is a problem.

So the difference is sleeping at your preferred time isn’t a problem, but sleeping, whenever you rest on a bed, is a problem because your body is sleeping even without getting tired.

5. Strong And Fast-growing Nails:

Nails are one of those parts which keep on growing in our life. This growth requires a lot of proteins and nutrients from our bodies.

So, if you have strong and fast-growing nails, that means your body has more than the required protein and nutrients to dedicate to your nails.

This is why people are advised to cut nails so that these precious fuels can be used in your body rather than nails.

6. Wake Up Fresh And Energetic:

This is a sign which is influenced by your habits, food consumption, and mental well-being. So, if you don’t sleep enough, which is bad, you would wake up tired each day.

If you don’t eat healthy or enough food, you would feel energetic. Lastly, if you aren’t in a good mental space, no matter how much sleep or food you eat, you won’t feel fresh.

So, if you are not waking up fresh and energetic for a week or more, there is some issue.

7. Short Temper:

Anger arises from many places, but the most common one is frustration from daily life. It could be your office or personal life; anything can lead to frustration.

This frustration usually comes out in the form of anger. So, if you are getting angry a lot in the past few weeks, you need to look at your mental health.

It might be an issue that is causing frustration. Whatever it is, it is better to address them rather than leave them for later.

8. Frequency Of Headaches Increases:

Headaches have become a norm in today’s tight schedule life. People are often negating multiple issues, which can easily lead to stress if they aren’t worked out.

However, because you can solve it with a tablet, we don’t pay much attention to it. But, if you are getting headaches more frequently than before, then the body has some overlooked issues.

As you can see, all the eight signs are very varied and cover a lot of different aspects of our body.

This is due to the fact that our body is complex, and one issue usually comes out in different ways. So, try to notice these small signs to stay healthy.
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