Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

It is safe to say that the world has accepted Green Tea for its miraculous benefits related to skin, hair, and the entire body in general.

We probably don’t have to get into the details of what makes Green Tea a great health booster, as we all are quite aware of the goodness that the substance consists of which influences numerous aspects of your health and hygiene.

Yet, there are a handful of questions that are yet to be addressed. For instance, how healthy Green Tea is? Also, what quantity of Green Tea should be consumed in a day in order to stay on a healthy curve? And, lastly, are there any side effects associated with drinking Green Tea every day?

The most important factor that makes Green Tea a miraculous substance for your body is the presence of “Epigallocatechin Gallate” in it. Not only does this compound help the White Blood Cells in your body to deal with certain diseases but also helps to prevent them, which is great news for tea drinkers.

Answering such concerns in detail, let’s get back to the context of this article and know how healthy is Green Tea, really?

Green Tea for Weight Loss:

Most people these days are pushing away highly chemical-based products that guarantee you a certain amount of weight loss in so and so days. The chemical-based products, however effective, can cause a notable set of side effects to your body.

Such reasons are sufficient for people to be making a shift from allopathic medicines to natural substances like Green Tea. With a deep-rooted history, Green Tea is an immensely popular weight-loss agent.

What goes behind the process when you consume a cup of Green Tea every morning is that the alkaloids present in the Green Tea provide a quick stimulant effect and speed up the metabolism activity.

However, it is equally important to note that Green Tea supplements (sold in the market) consist of ingredients that might affect your heart condition. The product supplements generally promise to deliver the quickest results possible however it is wise to just go through the laundry list of ingredients prior to consuming it every morning.

What happens to your weight when you drink a cup of green tea every single morning for a duration of 30 days?

The bottom line is to be consistent for a while in order to see drastic results. Consuming a cup (or sometimes 2) of 100% natural Green Tea in a day can help you lose about a pound in a month, which is great considering the fact that Green Tea is not giving your body any sort of side effects whatsoever.

However, when you wish to purchase over-the-counter green tea supplements, you must know that they are not 100% natural and might still give you side effects at the cost of the promise of extremely faster results.

What Quantity of Green Tea is considered good for Health?

In the bait of faster results, one must not forget what is the “right amount to consume” as quicker results don’t imply over-the-top consumption. In fact, research has shown that Green Tea, if taken excessively in a day, can cause diarrhea, heart-related complications, and even the condition of the degraded liver.

As per research, the amount of consumption of Polyphonesis (present in Green Tea) depends on your age, gender, and weight. However, to talk about the numbers in general, it is at max 280-320 grams (2-3 cups) of Polyphonesis that your body actually requires in a day.

To start with, it is advisable to go along with a cup in a day, and subsequently, add another cup to your daily diet chart.

What happens when you drink ‘too much of Green Tea?

We’ve already discussed what crosses the ‘too much’ criteria? Overconsumption of Green Tea in a day causes your body to restrict the intake of other important nutrients which is undesirable, of course, since your body functions well when it gets all kinds of nutrients.

For instance, over-consumption of Green Tea causes your body to accumulate lead which can severely affect your body (and especially that of a pregnant woman).
It is therefore advisable to keep a check on the quantity part.

Side Effects Associated with Green Tea:

Since Green Tea consists of an appropriate amount of caffeine, it can cause headaches. If you have a severe migraine condition, make sure to avoid the daily consumption of Green Tea as it can even stimulate the problem further.

The caffeine in Green Tea can also cause your head to feel light and dizzy when consumed in large amounts. Therefore, it is often advisable not to have a cup of green tea just before traveling in order to avoid nausea and motion sickness.

Overall, the benefits of Green Tea outweigh the disadvantages, and therefore, you just need to be careful with the quantity in order to extract all the goodness and avoid all the side effects associated with this miraculous substance.
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