Stress Management: 7 Ways to Prevent and Heal Stress

Stress Management: 7 Ways to Prevent and Heal Stress

Stress Management: 7 Ways to Prevent and Heal Stress
Stress Management: 7 Ways to Prevent and Heal Stress

Stressful life is just another byproduct of a busy schedule. Stress is another inevitable enemy to a happy mind, and so we want to eliminate stress off our lives at any cost. Did you know all it takes to bid farewell to stressful days is just a little tweaking of daily habits?

Trust me, when you start implementing the 7 ways that we are going to let you know in this article, you’d be able to lead a meaningful life, the one you always secretly wished for.

It takes about 21 days for a habit to take a permanent place in your lifestyle. Knowing this, can you now push yourself to achieve the 21 days target by implementing all 7 ways (or lifestyle changes) that we are going to mention in this article? Remember, the more you practice and stick with it, the more impending results you’re going to see.

1. Stop Being a Perfectionist:

We always end up breaking our rhythm just when we think, “it needs to be perfect”. Achieving better targets is not wrong, in fact, it is one quality that you MUST always endure. However, being a perfectionist, you will face burnout sooner than you think.

The question is “How to stop being a perfectionist?” The biggest way to crush your inner critic is by setting a time limit. Whenever you kick start a task, always make sure to have a target in mind. When you have a time frame to adhere to, you exactly know what you need to achieve.

2. Develop a Support Network Around You:

This might seem difficult at first, but you need to gather some courage as this is one of the most important self-care activities. Never shy away from taking help from your fellow workers, colleagues, mentors, and whoever you find helpful. No one denies a helping hand, especially when they see you feeling overwhelmed.

Although you might need to make a strong bond with your co-workers beforehand, that’s true of any healthy working space, isn’t it? Most people, including your friends and family, are just one call away to support you whenever you feel stressed out.

3. Avoid Anxiety Triggers:

For instance, if your friend is asking you to accompany him to watch a psychological thriller together, and you aren’t feeling up for it, then don’t ever shy away from saying no. Every little self-care activity counts, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed. Not letting your anxiety trigger is one such self-care therapy that you NEED to implement every single time.

Also, learn to say no whenever you aren’t feeling good enough to do more work. Work is important, yes, but at the same time, taking care of your mental health is equally important.

4. Optimize Your Health:

Your body aligns with your mind, and so taking care of your body would help you with taking care of your mental health as well. We all know the a..b..c’s of how to take care of our health – the strategies are the same old ones yet they have proven to be tremendously effective for most people.

Whenever you feel anxious to make sure to do this:

  • Run to your kitchen, and prepare a hot peppermint tea as peppermint is a natural stress-reliever
  • Sit down on the ground and take 10 deep breaths
  • If it’s late already, catch some sleep (at least for 7 long hours).

5. Pat Your Back:

Once you get back at home, after a successful day, make sure to pat your back and say “I am proud of me”. Honestly speaking, there are various reasons for you to be proud of yourself. Most people aren’t able to get out of their beds when they feel anxious, and yet you were able to get through this day by achieving your targets. You deserve all the appreciation.

You can take this to another level by treating yourself with a reward. The reward could be as little as buying yourself chocolate to as big as going on a shopping splurge.

6. Switch to Happy Times:

Be assertive; learn to feed your needs. After all, you are not a little robot to always keep working without even giving yourself what you deserve. Never feel shy from taking a long break if you notice the “anxiety pattern” in your lifestyle. Mostly, it is your body asking for a much-needed break.

Make sure that you owe no responsibility (until it’s absolutely necessary) when you switch to your happier times. Now that you have loads of time to dedicate, you may want to go for a vacation, meet your old friends, read MANY books, and go for a Netflix binge.

7. Meditate:

One of the best ways to prevent the feeling of anxiousness or overwhelmingness is to find just a couple of minutes in a day to connect with your soul. Meditation is a proven way to treat anxiety and a stressed-out mind.

The best time to meditate is right after waking up. There are various apps that help beginners to focus while meditating.
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