Suffering from Cold? How to Stop Runny Nose Fast?

Suffering from Cold? How to Stop Runny Nose Fast?

Suffering from Cold? How to Stop Runny Nose Fast?
Suffering from Cold? How to Stop Runny Nose Fast?

There are many reasons for a cold to be caught by your body. In fact, if your respiratory system is sensitive enough, you can catch a cold through strong smells as well. Living in a polluted city does not help either.

In the very starting, you feel a little uncomfortable as your throat hurts when you swallow which is followed by a runny nose which is the worst if you ask me.

A runny nose is just worst as it makes your day gloomy and makes you don’t want to do anything else besides surviving on a bed with some fluids to drink kept beside you.

You are always in search of that one home remedy that just bangs on fixes your health issues. Since home remedies are generally developed out of natural and organic products, it doesn’t hurt our gut to take them.

If you are a big believer in home remedies. Fret not; as we have brought to you a special list of the 7 most effective ways with which you can stop your nose from running fast enough. Don’t miss any of these points.

1. Salt + Water:

All you need for this home remedy is a lot of salt along with some warm water. Salt mixed well in some warm water doesn’t only help in curing your runny nose but also cures your throat. With such dual benefits yet a simple strategy to prepare, salt and water mixed together.

There are two ways to take this solution:

  • Gulp it directly when the water is warm
  • Use a dropper to put a little of this saline solution into your nose.

2. Keep taking hot steam:

This remedy helps more than anything for a runny nose. In fact, if your throat is uncomfortable (which is sometimes a starting stage for a cough), your throat will thank you for taking steams as well. Talking about frequency, keep taking steams once every two hours if not more.

Make sure when your water is steaming, you are putting a large towel over your head so that the steam directly enters your node and relieves it.

3. Ginger Helps:

Ginger is such a powerful ingredient for a home remedy that I can prepare one full-length article boasting about its benefits.

Fortunately enough, one of its benefits is curing a runny nose. All you would need for this remedy is some chopper, some ginger, and some salt.

  • Grate 1-2 ginger sticks and make a medium paste out of it. Add a pinch of salt to it and your mixture is ready.
  • Again, you can either chomp on it directly or could brew some hot tea to drink.

4. Turmeric Powder:

Even a little pinch of turmeric powder is filled with the goodness of antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Now you know why you are asked to drink turmeric milk when you are not feeling well.

Turmeric also helps in treating your runny nose by loosening the mucus and makes your nose much less irritable of the dust particles.

Soak some of the turmeric powder in some linseed oil and warm the mixture carefully. Now, inhale the smoke emitted and repeat this not more than twice a day to notice a difference.

5. Eucalyptus Oil:

For this easy peasy home remedy, you would just require some eucalyptus oil and one of your handkerchiefs. Now, you simply need to put some oil f the eucalyptus oil onto your handkerchief and keep sniffing it gently every now and then.

This oil has magical anti-viral properties that directly fix your runny nose and sticky throat. Moreover, the anti-analgesic properties of this oil benefit the other cold symptoms as well.

6. Honey and Lemon:

Yes, your grandma’s recipe actually works well for a runny nose. Again, for this remedy, you would need some warm water, some honey, and a lemon.

Simply mix all of these ingredients (2-3 squeezes of lemon juice) and drink it right away. As you might already know, lemon helps fight the entire nasal-related anti-microbial while honey provides a soothing effect for both your throat and your nose.

7. Mustard Oil:

A tad bit of warm mustard oil can do wonders for your irritable nose and just with a simple strategy. When your nose is runny and irritable, you need to put a little of this oil (1-2 drops for each nostril) onto your nostrils.

Do this every night before sleeping and again in the morning to experience a cold-free night.

These 7 miraculous strategies and home remedies to cure a runny nose would also help you combat other cold symptoms as well.

Pick your favorite (you can go for 3-4 of these in a day to experience a faster recovery). Having said that, if your nose is allergic to dust, put a mask on before stepping outside your home as a precaution is always better than the cure.
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