Surprising Benefits of Ginger for Skin, Hair, and Body

Surprising Benefits of Ginger for Skin, Hair, and Body

As much as we crave for our everyday dose of Ginger Tea, little do we know that ginger is actually one of the most beneficial edible substances with abundant qualities of its own?

Swallowing meager quantities of shredded ginger can make your throat discomfort go in seconds. On the other hand, ginger provides amazing benefits to your skin, hair, and other parts of your body.

Now, it is safe to say that we all have a vague idea about the benefits of the magical ginger but a couple of questions in our heads are still unanswered.

What exactly ginger intake does to our body? How much ginger should one eat in a day? And how to have a balanced intake of ginger?

A little sneak peek into the history of Ginger gives us the raw fact that the ginger plant was discovered about 2000 years ago and has been a vital part of human life since then.

Not only does it provides a pop of taste in many recipes but also has numerous other ayurvedic benefits. To know each one of them in detail, keep on reading this article:

1. Helps to Relieve Morning Sickness:

Morning isn’t always a great deal to everybody. Morning sickness is an integral part of adulthood which is often a consequence of a stressful lifestyle and improper sleeping routine. The presence of vitamin B6 in ginger helps in combating morning sickness which generally happens to pregnant ladies.

2. Treats Bloating:

When your stomach is upset due to junk-eating, never forget to treat it with ginger. Ginger is found to be the best herb to cure chronic inflammation in one’s body. Not only this but ginger also fights with the stiffness in the stomach and makes it work smoothly again.

3. Pain Reliever:

Ever wondered why just a cup of ginger tea makes your headache go away like crazy? That’s because ginger is considered to be the best pain reliever after turmeric in the Ayurveda. In fact, doctors suggest ginger intake to people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Quick recipe: shred ginger, mix it with some turmeric, and warm the mixture a little. Apply it on sore muscles to treat the pain.

4. Aids Digestion:

Ginger is actually gall-bladder-friendly! Did you know that a little intake of ginger every day can improve your digestion to a whole other extent? In fact, it also aids the temporary lower abdomen cramps and bloating that happen to ladies on their menstrual cycle.

5. Dissolves Kidney Stone:

The pain induced by kidney stones can be chronic most of the time. Dissolving kidney stones can be quite a task. Ginger ale can be quite beneficial to quickly dissolve kidney stones naturally.

6. Removes Free Radicals:

Sudden pop out of acne is one of the many consequences of free radicals roaming inside your body. Not only this but if this condition isn’t controlled.

These free radicals can cause severe damage to your healthy body cells causing severe medical complications such as arthritis and cataract. Have ginger tea on a constant basis to fight unnecessary free radicals in your body.

7. Uplifts Immunity:

Having a good immunity in a persistently polluted environment has become a necessity. If you are looking for natural remedies to improve your immunity system then look no further. Ginger roots are found to be immunity friendly. Regular consumption of ginger also reduces the regular chance of a heart stroke.

8. Promotes Weight Loss:

Have tried everything and are still not been able to get rid of that stubborn fat? Try ginger and burn your fat naturally. In Ayurveda, ginger is considered to be one of the prime fat burners.

You can take ginger in your means (or optionally, in your tea) in small quantities. Since ginger also helps in improving the quality of digestion, it helps in boosting metabolism and hence reducing weight.

9. Clears skin:

Ginger is an essential part of the famous ginger, lemon, and honey paste that is applied to the facial skin to fight discoloration and blemishes.

Not only that but you would be very surprised to know that even a very meager quantity of ginger has innumerable antioxidant properties that helps one get a radiant texture in no time.

10. Healthy Scalp:

A dirty and patchy scalp is one of the prime causes of hair fall. To fight the problem of falling hair, you need to get to the root cause first. Since ginger is tremendously rich in minerals and essential oils, one can use it as a hair conditioner to prevent untimely breaking and falling of hair.

Apart from that, if one has an itchy scalp, mixing ginger juice with coconut oil and a little aloe vera would help to keep your scalp free of itchiness and squeaky clean.


• When you have acidity.

• When you have cuts, boils, acne, and scratches.

• Do not apply the ginger paste on your face for more than 20-30 minutes or else your skin will feel irritated.
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