Testicular Health: A Complete Guide

Testicular Health
Men’s testicles are also known as testis. Good testicular health is a key to better sexual health. So, in this article we’re going to discuss all about testicles and their health.

Today, in this article, we are going to answer the problems related to testicle and the average testicle size, so that you will be able to know things related to them:

What is The Average Testicle Size:
The testicles in the body of men are known to develop male sex hormones and sperm. The average size of men’s testicles is about 4 x 3 x 2 centimeters. It consists of oval shape.
Men have 2 testicles in their body which are also called testis. It is common for one of the two testicles to be large and the other to be slightly smaller. They are connected by a spermatic cord inside the scrotum.
Does Size of Testicles Matter:
Healthy production of testosterone and sperm depends on testicular volume.
According to some studies, animals with large testicles have high testosterone levels.
Whereas low sperm production occurs at small testicular volumes.
There may be concerns about testosterone levels in certain conditions such as Klinefelter syndrome.
Symptoms of these conditions may include shortening of the testis, cryptorchidism or some female properties such as less hair on the body and face, and growth of breast tissue in men.
In addition to all these, Klinefelter syndrome can result in infertility.
Abnormally low testosterone levels can cause hypogonadism, symptoms of which are –
Testicles smaller than average size
Breast tissue growth
Having less hair on body and face than other men
Other symptoms like Klinefelter syndrome
Hypogonadism is treated with testosterone replacement therapy and often begins during puberty. Apart from this, genetic factors also have very big factors in it.
If you feel swelling on your testicles, then a doctor should be consulted immediately. Apart from this, the size of the testis is too large, depending on testicular cancer or any other health problem.
When Do Testicles Start and Stop Growing:
A male’s testicle is 1 cubic centimeter at birth.
This size of testicles lasts till the age of about 8 years.
After 8 years, they grow slowly till the arrival of puberty.
During puberty, hair starts coming on the body and pubic area.
The testicles also grow at the same growth rate and it is common for a testicle to be slightly larger and smaller in size.
Can Testicles Shrink:
As age increases, testosterone levels begin to decrease and testicles begin to shrink. This condition is called testicular atrophy.
These changes happen over time and you might not even be able to notice them.
Naturally there is no problem of life when the testis shrinks.
Due to low testosterone level , libido deficiency and muscles become less. This is the natural part of aging.
Apart from all these, the reason for testicles shrinkage may be due to colder temperatures or water.
Some health problems due to testicular atrophy such as –
ACTDs such as gonorrhea and cyphils
TB, some viral infections of testicles, etc.
Damage to the testis
Is It Common for Testicles To Be Small and Big:
It happens and there is no medical information about its cause.
However, if you notice some changes in the size and shape of one or both testicles, a doctor should be examined.
If a testicle shows heaviness, bulge or size changes, it can be a tumor or testicular cancer.
Treatment of testicular cancer is possible but it is important to find out in the beginning.
In this condition there is damage to the spermatic cord which causes pain and swelling.
In such a situation, a doctor should be consulted immediately.
Testicle Health:
To know testicles health, you can test your own testicles every month.
It can be checked before getting ready in the morning or after taking a bath.
To test for yourself, roll your testicles between the thumb and fingers with light hands for one minute.
During this time, size, shape or hardness should be checked.
By looking in the glass, you can find out what you are doing.
During this time, if you feel any pain, swelling, swelling or any other changes, see the doctor immediately.
Apart from this, if there are any problems etc., doctor should be consulted without delay.
Take Away:
Healthy and functioning of genitalia is better than size. If you feel that your testicles are too small or if you have any other symptoms like lack of libido, increased breast tissue or infertility, consult a doctor.
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