The Smoking Fetish: Is It The Newest Form Of Sexual Stimulation

Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish. There are several different aspects and reasons why a person can be excited by the act of smoking fetish. Usually, it’s by watching the act. The most predominant form of sexual fetish I’ve researched is the male watching the female perform the act of cigarette smoking fetish.

In the last several years I’ve noticed a steady increase in a certain type of sexual stimulation known as the smoking fetish.

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The question I posed to myself was of a different nature. What does olfactory stimulation, or the sense of smell, as related to exhaled cigarette smoke, have to do with sexual excitement?

For thousands of years, it has been known that the sense of smell can stimulate a sexual response in human beings and other animals.

Pheromones are chemical molecules secreted and fit specifically at olfactory receptor sites at locations in the nasal canal. These receptor sites, in turn, send signals to the brain. These signals usually cause a sexual stimulatory response in the opposite sex, and attraction occurs.

Millions of dollars are spent producing perfumes, colognes, and other various fragrances in the attempt to cause one human to attract another through the sense of smell.

If the opposite sex likes the smell, an attraction can occur. This attraction, in turn, eventually leads to some form of sexual attraction. The long-term goal of sexual attraction, of course, is to influence that person into some sexual encounter.

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There have been scores of scientific studies researching the effects of pheromones and fragrances, that cause the sexual attraction between humans. There has been one scent, or smell, entirely overlooked by the scientific community.

I don’t know if it is so much new, or just recently discovered. But there exists a smell that causes very strong sexual responses. At least in some people. Perhaps many people. This olfactory response, or smell, is simply the smell of exhaled cigarette smoke. Don’t laugh. I’m Totally Serious.

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All you have to do is conduct a search on the Internet of smoke fetishes, and you’ll find millions of websites related to the subject of smoking fetish and sexual excitement.

I wanted to know why, and why the smell of smoke is so sexually exciting to many, with the increasing political incorrectness associated with it.

The Smoking Fetish

There are several different aspects and reasons why a person can be excited by the act of smoking fetish. Usually, it’s by watching the act.

The most predominant form of sexual fetish I’ve researched is the male watching the female perform the act of cigarette smoking fetish.

After researching this subject and being a little confused as to why this fetish even exists, I’ve obtained information that has not only satisfied much of my curiosity about the subject but has also given me reasons as to why this fetish exists.

The male seems to experience sexual tension, or high, watching an attractive woman light up and bring the cigarette to her lips to draw the smoke in from her. The act of drawing, commonly referred to as pumping, or double pumping the smoke is accompanied by hollowing of the cheeks. This is followed by a long, drawn-out, exhalation of smoke into the air through pursed lips.

Some of us are more orally fixated than others. It has been scientifically documented that people who smoke, moreover females who smoke, have greater oral fixations than people who don’t smoke. I’m certainly not sexist, as I’m a woman myself. But there does seem to exist in the literature an association between oral fixation and smoking fetish.

Even though I have gone over many of the visual stimulation effects that smoking fetish has on people, which can be very stimulating to someone, I am not focusing on this subject right now in this article.

The focus of this article is more specifically on the actual olfactory response, or smell, of the exhaled smoke itself. First of all, I must state there is no problem finding many people who cannot stand the smell of smoke in any form or fashion. With that said and out of the way, let’s press forward.

Why Does The Smoking Fetish Exist?

Does the smell of the exhaled smoke play a part in the fetish?

There is certainly a visual sexual attractiveness to the act of smoking fetish. Watching women bring a slim, long, white cigarette to her red lips, make contact with her lips de Ella, followed by performing the oral act of the cheek hollowing drawing in, inhaling, and exhaling the smoke into the air can certainly cause sexual tension in some men.

But the focus of this article, again, is on the actual smell of the exhaled smoke itself.

When a woman exhales smoke into the air, with a sexual connotation, there is something sexually stimulating about watching the smoke roll through the air and slowly dissipate. Now let us focus on the actual smell of the cloud of exhaled smoke.

For one thing, there is certainly a difference in the smell of exhaled smoke as compared to the smell of uninhaled smoke. There are certain kinds of secondhand smoke.

Quit Smoking fetish – For Your Health’s Sake

In the US it is estimated that 30% of the 570,000 cancer deaths in 2005 were caused by smoking fetish. In the UK smoking kills approx. 114,000 per year or 300 per day which equates to 20% of deaths. Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the US, UK & Australia. Approx. 45.4 million Americans are addicted to tobacco, 1 in 4 adults & 1 in 5 teens are smokers.

In the UK smoking causes 80% of all lung cancers & 80% of all deaths from bronchitis & emphysema. 17% of deaths by heart disease are due to smoking. & 17% of cancer deaths are related to smoking.

Quit Smoking Fetish Now To Protect Your Health

Cigarette smoking is a harmful habit that puts you at risk for life-threatening conditions. Protect yourself from the harmful effects of smoking by quitting smoking as soon as possible. You can make use of smoking cessations aids to ease and speed up your quit smoking process.

Cigarette smoking is one of the most harmful habits a person can inculcate in life. Nicotine, the key ingredient in cigarette smoke, is said to be one of the most harmful as well as the most addictive substances known. Initially, when you start smoking you may feel that you can quit smoking anytime.

However, it does not work that way. The highly addictive nicotine has a direct effect on your brain which keeps you hooked to the pleasure of smoking fetish. Even before you come to know about it you become addicted. Your cigarette consumption increases gradually and if you don’t curtail your habit you can become a chain smoker. In just a few years, your health will be jeopardized beyond repair.

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Long–term cigarette smoking plays havoc with your life. It makes you prone to various life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, lung ailments, and cancers of various types. In addition, the harmful habit affects your lifestyle and your personality.

Your stamina decreases and you feel exhausted after climbing just a few steps. Your skin, nails, and hairs also get affected. Your clothes smell of smoke all the time and you live under the constant guilt of affecting your loved one’s health through passive smoking fetish.

To avoid the harmful effects of smoking, you should never light up the very first cigarette. However, if you have already taken that step and come a long way, you need not feel disheartened. It is possible to quit smoking at any stage in your life provided you are motivated to quit; you can quit even after being a chain smoker for years.

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The best way to quit smoking is to quit via the cold turkey method, which is to stop smoking by sheer willpower alone. This method works effectively for men who are strongly motivated to quit smoking. Even then it has been noticed that many men have to make at least 4-10 attempts before they are able to quit finally. Those who wish to ease and speed up their smoking fetish cessation efforts can take advantage of smoking cessation aids available on the market.

Amongst the various smoking fetish cessation aids available today, smoking cessation drugs are the most popular. Champix not only relieves you of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms but also makes smoking less pleasurable for you.

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Clinical studies have shown that Chantix can quadruple your odds of quitting as compared to quitting via the cold turkey method. In addition, Champix is ​​also known to work better than bupropion (Zyban) – the only other FDA-approved quit smoking pill apart from Champix. It may be noted that both Champix and bupropion are prescription-only drugs. You need to consult your doctor before you buy any of these smoking cessation drugs.

Apart from smoking cessation drugs, other quit smoking fetish methods available on the market include nicotine replacement therapy. This includes the use of nicotine gums, patches, lozenges, etc. In this method, nicotine is supplied externally to your body to relieve you of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
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