Things You Should Not Do After Eating

Things You Should Not Do After Eating

Taking care of our life and body is a good thing. The basis of a good life begins with eating. Everyone knows that what we eat affects our mental and physical strength.

That is why people suggest you eat healthy food and avoid fatty and fast food. However, no one tells you what to do once you have eaten your food.

The majority of people end up doing things that harm their bodies. This counters their good eating habits, and when they don’t see any result of eating healthy food, they go back to old habits, which even is more dangerous.

So, to escape this vicious loop, we brought up 9 things you shouldn’t do after eating.

1. Going To Sleep:

A lot of people opt to eat before sleeping or take a short nap right after lunch or dinner. This often causes gas pains, bad sleep, and discomfort for the next 24 hours.

When you sleep after eating, digestive juices travel in the opposite direction into your food pipe. This is called acid reflux and causes a burning sensation in your chest.

2. Smoking Cigarettes:

Whether you are a chronic smoker on not, everyone feels the urge to smoke after they eat. If you fail to resist, it can be very deadly. When we smoke, it reacts with our intestines.

Our digestive system works due to our intestine. So, smoking after eating makes it easy for nicotine to bind with oxygen in our blood. This helps nicotine to get absorbed and increases the risk of lung cancer.

3. Taking A Shower:

This might come as a shock, but it has a bad effect on your body. When we eat, blood from our legs and hands move towards the digestive system to increase the process of digestion.

However, when you take a bath, your blood rushes towards your hands and legs. This leads to a decrease in blood in our stomach, which weakens our digestive system.

4. Eating Fruit:

When we have a heavy meal, our body takes time to consume it. This can be a long process, and eating food doesn’t help.

For starters, your stomach won’t be able to absorb all the nutrients from the fruit due to a sluggish digestion system.

Secondly, your food pipe would be crowded, and it would a long time for the fruit to reach the stomach, and it will lose some of its nutrients by then.

5. Drinking Coffee or Tea:

This is a common routine for many, but just like fruit, it impacts your body. Research shows that drinking beverages after a meal prevents your body from absorbing iron from food.

They can reduce your iron consumption by 87%, and this can cause pale skin, dizziness, anemia, cold hands and feet, and less hunger. Hence, you should avoid drinking tea or coffee after any meal.

6. Walking:

There is a myth that walking after a meal helps you digest your food. While the reality is a little more complex.

When you eat, your stomach is filled with an acid whose task is to break down food. If you decide to walk immediately after eating, the acid jumps around in your belly and causes you even more harm.

So, wait until 30 minutes to have a walk after a meal.

7. Brushing Your Teeth:

When we eat, enamel sticks to our teeth. If you brush just after eating, you are risking the removal of enamel, which causes a lot of issues in your mouth.

Furthermore, if you eat or drink any acidic fast-food filled with sugar, you are inviting danger in your mouth. For this reason, you should wait an hour to brush.

8. Drinking Water During or After Eating:

Drinking water is an automated process that happens during or after eating. The side effect of this is that it disrupts the natural level of bases and acids in our body, which are required for proper digestion.

If you drink cold water, it can slow your digestion and, in many cases, lead to cramps. So, drink water only after an hour of eating.

9. Don’t Drive After Eating:

The reason behind this is similar to walking after a meal. For further evidence, professionals never eat before going to a gym. They either eat later or drink liquids for energy.

For the same reason, you should avoid driving after eating. It is impossible to avoid such a situation but keep it minimal.

So, these are a few things which you should not do if you want a healthy and fit body. The new habits will take time but become automated if you persist long enough.
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