What Should I Do If I Have A Sore Throat

What Should I Do If I Have A Sore Throat

Gives us a fever, makes our taste buds numb, and hurts when we swallow, these are a couple of consequences of sore throat. Who said home remedies aren’t effective to cure infections in our throttle area.

I Have A Sore Throat

In fact, you would be surprised to know that the early stages of throat infections can be fully wiped off by a couple of simple home remedies.

Yes, the stuff lying around in your kitchen shelves can actually make a difference in curing your sore throat. With all being said make sure to be regular enough and give enough time to these effective hacks to let them show a positive result. Also, if you are having difficulty in swallowing food (or even liquid),

chances are that you have had this soreness in your throat for quite a while. To let these hacks work in favor of your throat, you may first need to make your mind and say goodbye to junk and spicy food as they would simply make your throat worse in pain and irritation.

Let’s read out the list of things that you can go for in order to revive your healthy throat back!

1. Honey:

Honey is one of the best ingredients to make the soreness in your throat go away quickly. You can take honey mixed in warm water along with some lemon extracts or you can go for honey mixed in some tea or rather, you can go for honey on its own.

Honey is considered a common cold suppressant that heals the discomfort in your throat and makes it function smoothly.

Honey is also a natural healer which is easily available on your kitchen shelves – no hassle, whatsoever.

2. Salt + Water:

Even a hostler or a person living alone in a studio apartment can make use of this easy mixture to get their throat healed in no time. All you need is some warm water with a pinch of salt mixed in it.

Make sure to put only a limited amount of salt in the mixture as you don’t want excess salt to irritate your throat even further. A half teaspoon of salt mixed in a small to medium-sized glass is considered a good quantity.

3. Baking Soda Gargle:

If you are thinking this is out of your league then you are probably unaware of the immense benefits of Baking Soda. This magical ingredient is not only used to make your cakes softer but is also used as a gargling agent which would heal your sore throat completely.

Make sure to take a glass of water with only a pinch of baking soda in it. Stir the mixture well before using it for gargling. You need to do this repeatedly for about 3-4 times a day to actually start seeing amazing results.

4. Peppermint:

Not only used as a mouth freshener, but peppermint is also a fantastic throat curing agent. Peppermint consists of menthol quantities in it which actually works in favor of your throat to make it function well.

Peppermint is used to make your mucus thin which ultimately gets unblocked from your throat to make it calmer and relieved from pain and irritation.

NOTE: Never consume plain peppermint oil without mixing it well with any other consumer oil such as olive oil. Doing this might show other harmful side effects on your skin or throat.

5. Sip Tea:

No other remedy would interest you more if you are an ardent tea lover. Yes, sipping hot tea is as easy as it sounds and shows amazing results in making your throat function well without causing any pain or irritation in swallowing.

A lot of ayurvedic experts would advise you to sip chamomile tea in particular but you may interest yourself in any tea of ​​your choice.

But remember, tea only works as long as it is hot. Ice Tea is not allowed.

6. Talk a Little Less:

Now, calling this one a home remedy is not very fair to it. You can absolutely practice being silent wherever you are unless off course your job involves speaking.

We know that you may want to talk a lot with your friend over the phone to let them know about what’s been brewing recently but it is not very good for your throat.

Give your throat a little rest by taking a day off. If you can’t or don’t want to take a day off, try to speak as little as possible.

7. Keep Your Throat Semi-Hydrated:

Don’t go over the board with liquids (especially cold ones or alcohol) but you need to make sure, at the same time, to not let your throat be in a dry state as well. Keep sipping some tea or plain water (warm) mixed with anything of your choice.

For some help, pick one of these to mix in your plain water. This would do wonders in healing your sore throat.

• Honey

• Lemon

• Peppermint

• Diluted juice

• Sage Leaves
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