Why It Is Important To Share Your Feelings

Why It Is Important To Share Your Feelings

From early on, children are told that only girls have the license to cry, and it is a sign of weakness, especially if you are a boy. So, a child grows up thinking that crying is a bad habit, particularly in front of someone, so he opts to cry alone, where no one can see him. This only results in the boy feeling being hidden inside him.

Another example of hiding feelings is that nowadays, you are being told that no one cares about your feelings, and sharing it with someone will only result in your emotions being leaked to people you don’t want to.

This has made people distrust everyone around them and just burying their emotions within them. If you ever visited any psychologist, you know this is wrong on so many levels.

Humans are social creatures, and when we jail our self in a room where we don’t share our feelings, something slowly eats inside us. The more we live within this wall, the more reluctant we become to step out of it.

Over a period of time, we are void of any long-lasting emotions. This also means that we don’t feel happy for a long time and we live our life like a robot.

This is not the desirable life we ​​want to live, but I am sure most of you would still not be convinced as feeling mute in sharing feeling is comforting, so here are a few more examples of why it is important to share your feelings –

1. Your feelings are important:

Many times, you start to question your emotions. For example, I am upset I got a ‘B’ in an exam, or I am sad my mother passed away.

But soon, you think why to be upset, at least I passed, she was old enough to die. This is not being practical but straight up dumb, both of those things will have an impact on your life, and you need emotions to make yourself do something and not chill. This is why emotions are important.

2. Talking about your feelings makes you acknowledge them:

The first step to change is to recognize the problem. A lot of times, we don’t acknowledge our feelings and move on. But this doesn’t solve anything but just delays it for later. Then you realize the big mistake, and all of your feelings pour out, which makes the issue worse.

So, talk about your feelings to acknowledge the problem and work on them.

3. Talking about your feelings can help you highlight:

Once you holding those feelings inside you, they keep on building with time. When even a small disappointment points to those feeling, you feel so awful, all your mind think is about those feelings.

In a way, your mind is dictated by those feelings, you become moody and so self-consumed that everything you do or say points back to those feelings.

The only way to feel better is by letting those feelings out to someone who understands, and you will feel better.

4. Sharing brings you support:

We know that there are a lot of risks in opening old wounds in front of someone. But most of the time, you will receive only support and care from them. That care and support can’t be defined in words, but it changes the way you see the world.

You will feel a lot of lighter and less concerned. Soon, you will realize that the world isn’t cruel, and there is hope for you.

5. You can control them better:

We don’t like it when someone else controls our life, so why should we give that control to our feelings.

As mentioned earlier, sooner or later, the feelings take control of how you think and act. But if you talk about your feelings, that control is back in your hands.

Now you can do think and act as you feel right without holding on to your past.

All of these reasons point to the fact that letting your feelings out only lets you enjoy your life, and that is all anyone hopes for.

But you should be careful with who you share your feelings with. If they can understand you and don’t disclose to anyone. This may time, but it is worth it to open up to someone.
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